TV Cable of Grayson County Reviews

TV Cable of Grayson County Reviews

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Sun Aug 07 2016
Thanks for the great service!!

Thanks for the positive feedback. We appreciate you beginning a customer of TV Cable of Grayson County!! – TV Cable of Grayson County

b rhodes
Sat Feb 27 2016
So, so nice to be able to talk with people at a local office and get straight answers. What a great experience instead of talking with someone in another country that doesn't speak good English. Not only that, when the tech's came out, they were very smart and helpful!

We appreciate the nice compliment and are always here to serve you. – TV Cable of Grayson County

david corbett
Wed Dec 09 2015
Surfing the internet with Grayson Cable is difficult, spotty, slow, glitchy service.

Grayson Cable strives to give the best service possible and we apologize for the inconvenience. If you will call 903-786-7477 and set up an appointment, our technicians will be glad to check your Internet. – TV Cable of Grayson County

Sat Nov 28 2015
Worst internet service ever. I pay for a service that I do not get, if I ever do get internet it is very slow, it hiccups, does not like to load any sites. They never send any one out to check my equpment. Customer service always says that the problem is not on their end and never fix the problem, BUT they all ways expect their payment and do not give any money off the bill for the 2 days I am able to use their service. I have internet for one day and no service for the whole weekend, pretty bad that I have to go to McDonald's to use their WiFi especially when my internet is for my buisness. Now that my 1 year service is up I am switching to a reliable company <br />

When reviewing your account, I noticed your account was disabled for a week and then turned back on when your account matter was resolved. When you requested a service call, no one was at home on three different occasions for our technicians. If you are having service issues at your house that we don't see on our diagnostics, please set up a service call when you can meet us at your residence. TV Cable of Grayson County strives to give the best Internet possible. – TV Cable of Grayson County

Maegan Tate
Tue Nov 03 2015
I know a lot of people complain about this internet service, but I personally am incredibly grateful for it. As far as I know, out here in Sherwood Shores the only two non-satellite options for internet are Verizon and Grayson Cable. We had verizon for about a year before switching over to Grayson Cable and I am so thankful that I did. <br /> <br /> It DOES suck when there is bad weather, sometimes we will be out of internet for more than a week, but so far I have always seen a credit on my bill for such times. The speeds are WAY faster than verizon and I can play xbox while my family streams on the apple tv in the other room with little to no lag. Will always recommend this service to people who live in Sherwood Shores.

Jerry Golden
Fri Oct 30 2015
Thanks so much for all your care and concern over my tv problems

Thank you for that nice comment. Our team works really hard to please our customers and we strive to give the best service in our community. Thank you for being a TV Cable of Grayson County customer. – TV Cable of Grayson County

Joni Gray
Mon Oct 05 2015
I want to personally thank TV Cable of Grayson County for coming out with their bucket truck just to hang a new rope on our flag pole, so that we can put our American flag back up. To top it off, they didn't even charge us!! Such a good feeling it gave me that there are still people/companies in this world today that will go above & beyond to help their customers out. Thank all of you again. God Bless America!!!
Fri Oct 02 2015
Today is October 2, for the whole past week I have been trying to pay my bill online. Most of the time I did not have internet service or it was so slow that nothing would load. The few times I did get into the web site I would click on the "pay bill online" button. But then I would get the response "cannot display web page". So now if I do get it paid either online or by mail it will be classified as late with a chage added on. This is very frustrating.

We apologize for your inconvenience. You can reach us 24/7 at 903-786-7477 for any of your billing needs. We appreciate you being our customer and are always here to serve you. – TV Cable of Grayson County

Sun May 17 2015
I love when the Internet is actual working but if there is a storm in the local area, or any type of high wind, the Internet goes down. I've been without Internet for most of this month and of course I am still going to have to pay them full price for service that I'm not getting.

Alicia, sometimes acts of God create situations that are beyond our control. We will absolutely issue a credit for the time the service was out. Please call us so we can get this resolved. – TV Cable of Grayson County

Sheri Hodge
Tue May 12 2015
I know that we are not the only people out East of Denison without service at this time, I also know that Grayson TV Cable is working on the problem to get it fixed as soon as possible...however, I also know that we are going on about four days or more with no internet service and prior to that we were having a lot of really slow processing. It gets frustrating because it is the only Internet service really that is available to us out East of Denison - at least the only service that makes sense price wise etc. and we have had good internet service in the past....just seems when something gets messed up...sure takes a long time to get it back up and running...especially when weather affects it...yet that monthly payment is expected in full on time - even though we haven't had service for almost a week now!

Sheri, we appreciate you as a customer and we apologize for the inconvenience. I want to make sure we address your concerns and do whatever it takes to make you happy. Please call us and ask for the Pottsboro office. – TV Cable of Grayson County

Andrea Pennacchia
Thu Mar 19 2015
I have always been satisfied with the reliability and speed of the internet connection. Even more I have always been satisfied with the availability, curtesy, and professionalism of the customer service representatives, always ready to help!! Thank you TV Cable of Grayson County!!

Fri Mar 13 2015
I waited 30 min. and no one ever helped me. The service rep. LeAnne refused to let me speak with anyone else and I promised a phone call back but never received one. LeAnne claim they don''t have service at Highport Marina and she didn''t know how to help me!

I apologize for your long hold and that you didn't get the help you needed. Please call and speak with any of our other reps so we can help you. – TV Cable of Grayson County

Carol Dowd
Mon Mar 02 2015
I had a problem with my internet due to the bad weather. With the weather as bad as it was, I thought it would take forever to get back on line. They had it fixed in no time. Thanks Grayson County Cable!

Thu Feb 19 2015
The service people are great and love the fast internet service. Much better than what I had in Iowa! Great for my business.

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